We're Hiring

About us:

eRetirements (www.eretirements.com) was created to help Baby Boomers answer the complex question: Where should I retire? Despite the massive life change involved with transitioning to a new location, there are shockingly no adequate resources for these individuals. We are thus passionate to deliver this resource by compiling need-to-know info about retirement locations across the US, and sharing that info with our users in creative and practical ways. While we have experienced 40% monthly traffic growth since our launch in January and added new features lately such as a social community and insightful blogs, our team of 4 needs help bringing this to the next level. That's where you come in.....

About you:

You have a passion for marketing, and are more interested in developing unique solutions than you are in receiving step by step instruction. You are excited about solving the problem at hand and the potential of the Baby Boomer market that has $30 trillion in wealth. You want to be a part of an early stage company that already has traction, and desire the ability to have a profound impact on its growth. You’re excited about joining an incredibly talented team of individuals that you can learn from and also share your knowledge. You're not afraid to speak up with creative solutions, and to be a bit scrappy or unorthodox in your marketing and branding strategy. Perhaps most importantly, you value the long term success of your endeavors over a short term spike in engagement metrics.


As the eRetirements VP of Marketing, you will be responsible for:

+ Content creation/sourcing: Our goal is to become the go-to source in the space for retirement advice. Our blog is thus important to us and our users, and we value keeping fresh, unique content in front of them at least several times a week. This content can be sourced via relationships with influencers in the space (some of which are pre-existing), or created by you. An SEO writing/journalism background is a plus here.

+ Building relationships with influencers: There are a ton of bloggers/journalists/reporters/video bloggers in the retirement space. We want you to get to know them, and for them to get them to know you. This is where your creativity can shine, and it will be one of your most important tasks. Although you will not be directly responsible for SEO, link building will be a fringe benefit of building these relationships.

+ Social media: We admittedly have not put enough effort into social media, and recognize there’s a huge opportunity especially given how much our user base engages with Facebook/other social media mediums. To continue to increase traffic organically, you will be in charge of developing and deploying a strategy to grow followers and increase engagement across our accounts. Prior social media experience is another plus.

+ Community engagement: We recently deployed a robust social capability, where users can comment and discuss potential retirement locations with other members of the eRetirements community. We’re eager to hear your ideas on how to build engagement within this social community, and use it as one of our primary drivers of organic growth

We’re excited to discuss the possibility of bringing your onboard to the eRetirements team. Please reach out to us, we’d love to discuss!

Contact: Jared Scharen, CEO and Kellogg Student (Class of 2017)
Email: jared@eretirements.com
Phone: 774-270-0473