Top 5 Volunteer Positions in Retirement

Top 5 Volunteer Positions in Retirement

One of the most gratifying things to do is to give back. Research shows that volunteering can cause increased happiness and reduced stress. And of course, by helping others in need with some simple acts of kindness, volunteers engage with the community around them and help them become closer and happier. With that in mind, here are some of the top 5 best volunteer positions to pursue in retirement.

5. Animal Shelters

Ever had a love for animals? What about animals without a home? Shelters are always looking for volunteers to care for animals and interact with them to keep them company. In fact, some shelters need help with rescuing animals that are found on the street or abandoned.

To get involved, simply Google "Animal Shelters" with the name of area where you live, and you'll immediately receive a list of the animal shelters near you. Either go on their website or give them a call to express your interest, and the shelter will be more than happy for you to help!

4. Food Pantries

Volunteering at food pantries entails interacting with many people, so if you're a person who enjoys social interaction, this might be the position for you. You'll be helping with people who are in need of a basic human need: Food. That means serving hot food, conversing with people, and even organizing food drives.

Visit to search for food pantries near you.

3. Libraries

If you're a book fanatic and you love reading, volunteering at libraries will be a very gratifying experience. Libraries are present in nearly every town across the country, and are always looking for people to help organize books, lend a helping hand to library patrons, and assist with event planning.

Conduct a Google search of a library near you, and give them a call or visit to express your interest.

2. Tour Guide

Another rewarding experience is to spread the knowledge you have to other people. Being a tour guide at museums, parks, botanical gardens, historical sites, and other attractions is one such example. Even if you don't know much about a particular place, you'll have the opportunity to learn more by becoming a tour guide there. It'll also be an opportunity for you to stay on your feet!

Contact a place that you're either already knowledgable about or are interested in learning more about.

1. Helping Children

There's the old saying that being around young people keeps you young. Not only will helping children bring you a sprinkle of youth, but they will give you joy. Whether it's a child giving you a contagious smile, or wanting to play games with you, volunteering to help children in need will benefit both the child and you.

There are many places to help children. Children's Hospitals are a common setting where volunteers are asked to help supervise children, read stories to them as well as play games with them. Working at hospitals will be a slightly complicated process, since you'll have to have immunizations done and paperwork filed. However, it's still a very rewarding experience to help out children in need. If you're looking to interact with older kids, youth orchestras and other youth groups frequently need volunteers, usually to help coordinate events.

If you're having trouble finding volunteering positions, is a great resource for all volunteering positions in your area.