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The Perks of Eastern North Carolina Living!

The Perks of Eastern North Carolina Living!

North Carolina attracts tens of thousands of people every year. And, it’s coastal region attracts tens of thousands of retirees, military personnel, and others seeking a higher quality of life at a lower cost of living.

Cities like New Bern, Wilmington and Beaufort are some of many towns along the coast of North Carolina that prove to be diamonds in the ruff--especially for retirees migrating from the Northeast and Western regions of the country.


Climate & Recreation Perks

One perk that makes eastern North Carolina attractive are its weather and recreational activities. Short winters and moderate summers usher in extended pleasant periods of spring and fall in the region.

Surrounded by the Neuse and Trent Rivers, New Bern, NC is a national, historic treasure and rivertown just north of Wilmington, with dozens of waterfront communities engaging in active lifestyles all along these waterways. In addition to a diverse range of activities to enjoy like fishing, boating, and golfing, residents have access to 300 miles of beaches along the coast for their leisure. There is also a robust theatre & arts community.


Economic Growth & Perks

Progressive in providing growth opportunities for local businesses involved in global trade, Craven County, where New Bern is located, is one of 22 North Carolina counties designated to benefit from the NC Foreign Trade Zone 214. This means import/export businesses located in these zones are poised to receive unique tax advantages, important for retirees planning new business ventures or side projects during their retirement.

Housing Perks

New Bern offers a great variety of housing options from waterfront homes and condos to apartments to single family homes and luxury estates. The average home price in New Bern is $147,000. The current unemployment rate in New Bern is 4.9%. The average commute is 20 minutes and the population is 30,000. New Bern is a high quality city and affordable place to retire.

Wilmington is a fast growing college town city at the mouth of the Cape Fear River on the Carolina coast. Wilmington has a population of 114,000 with, 25% of the population 55 years old or older.

Located in the sunny Outer Banks, Beaufort is a community of 70,000 people, 40% being 55+. With historical charm and a quaint downtown area, Beaufort is another coastal North Carolina town perfect for retirement.


Coastal North Carolina

North Carolina has become one of the nation's most popular retirement destinations. The state's great weather, miles of beaches, and great food and cultural scene has been drawing retirees for years. The state is somewhat tax friendly, and the cost of living is around or below the national average.

Post contributed by New Bern-based writer Latisha Grady of Neuse Realty