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Top 9 Reasons To Consider Retiring in Roanoke, Virginia

Top 9 Reasons To Consider Retiring in Roanoke, Virginia

Nestled in a valley and surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Roanoke offers a relaxed way of life.

Why retire in Roanoke?

In short... it's a very affordable, culture-rich, and majestic city.

The small-town vibe, mixed with its youthful energy, artistic venues, and outdoor activities, combine into a unique and charming atmosphere.

The beautiful scenery here will also quickly capture your imagination as you traverse the surrounding parks and a thriving cultural scene. Now, that's you know the general outlook, let’s take a deeper dive into the top reasons to retire in Roanoke.

1. Affordable Living

The cost of living in Roanoke is 14% lower than the national average with low-income apartment communities dispersed throughout the city. Food and transportation costs are also budget-friendly.

Within Roanoke's city limits, you can find a wide selection of affordable real estate options in pristine single-family developments, homes on city streets, and four square homes with a median price of $190,000.

In downtown Roanoke, there’s a mix of rental units and condos with resident professionals and retirees. For those devoted to agriculture, there are many farming developments sprinkled on the hillsides.

2. Access to Quality Healthcare

Healthcare in Roanoke remains at the forefront of technology, including specializations in behavioral health and advanced medical imaging.

Supplemental health insurance with affordable monthly premiums based on the type of coverage is recommended to meet the cost of treatment.

The Carilion Roanoke Hospital is one of the city's largest and offers unique services in chest pain and trauma centers.

According to the US News and World Report, Roanoke is also one of the healthiest cities in America with the cost of medical care being less than the national average. Most retirement communities also offer their own included senior-specific services like assisted living, home care, and skilled nursing.

3. Appealing Amenities

Roanoke may be on the small side, but it's a big city at heart, and you'll find almost everything you need within this lively and vibrant community.

In the city center, there are enough shops and boutiques to keep you going year-round. If you enjoy authentic cuisines with a southern flair, there are lots of restaurants waiting to be explored.

For those in need of entertainment, rest assured Roanoke has its share of museums, galleries, plus multiple venues for live music and sporting events.

4. Wonderful Weather

Roanoke is one of the few cities in Virginia that experiences a favorable climate throughout the year.

There are four distinct seasons with less than 30 days of precipitation, and sunny days are a Roanoke specialty.

During the summer season, the average daily highs are around 83-86°F. While in winter it's roughly 48°F degrees during the day which is perfect for a brisk walk in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spring comes in early March, so you can easily get a head start on the golf course or the region’s lakes, streams, and rivers.

5. Beautiful Scenery

The Roanoke riverfront has more than 20 walking paths with both scenic city and water views.

The Blue Ridge Mountains that surround everything, have been noted as one of the most beautiful places in all of America. Here you will also find the Natural Bridge; a wonder of nature that formed a 215-foot tall stone walkway over a million years ago.

When visiting the Roanoke Valley, you’ll find a mix of things like first-class lodging, rich history, delicious cuisine, and southern charm hospitality.

6. Age Diversity

Roanoke is nicknamed the Star City of the South, as it welcomes the young and old alike. When it comes to college admissions, diversity is more than a buzzword.

If you want to live close to your grandchildren, Virginia Tech has more than 7,000 student spots and welcomes learners from all walks of life.

7. Traveler-Friendly

Roanoke is a major transportation hub between Tennessee and Maryland. Retirees who like to travel to visit friends or for fun getaways will love the accessibility.

There are many flights from Roanoke airports that connect to Virginia and other areas around the US. The city also has plenty of trails, pathways, and trails making it easy to walk around.

8. Peaceful and Quiet Environment

Roanoke is one of the most charming and peaceful cities in Virginia. This is a place you can bring your grandchildren for fun or simply to enjoy waking up early and listening to the sounds of nature.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find a wide range of lakes, rivers, and streams to home with access to boating, paddling and fishing opportunities.

The mountain sunsets are also some of the best you'll ever see, and you'll find a lot of people enjoying them while sampling the local wines.

9. Recreational Facilities

There are plenty of parks and excursions available in Roanoke as it connects to a network of trails, biking paths, and hiking trails.

If you're looking for entertainment even closer to home, there are numerous senior recreation centers, along with independent retirement communities that offer exercise facilities, spas, and swimming pools, reading lounges, and clubhouses.