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Retiree Interview: Vernita, from NJ Looking to Relocate

Retiree Interview: Vernita, from NJ Looking to Relocate

Our Retiree Spotlight series presents one-on-one interviews with babyboomers who have relocated for retirement, how their retirement is going, and the best advice they have for future retirees!

Name: Vernita

Age Range: 55 - 60

Former profession: Middle School Assistant Principal / Educator

Current profession, activities, hobbies, etc.: Owner of Retired&Lovinit; caregiver to my 95 year old mother; volunteer at nursing home; traveling; crocheting

Where did you live before retirement?
Southern New Jersey, house

Where did you relocate to for retirement? Downsized to an apartment in Southern NJ. Planning on relocating out of NJ, not sure where yet.


What is the best part of your Saturday?
Going out for brunch; exploring the area

What is the best & worst part of retirement? The best part of retirement is being able to do what I want when I want. I haven't experienced anything bad about retirement.

What most surprised you about retirement?
No surprises. Others should start early with their retirement planning/relocating.

My personal mantra is: “No regrets”


Photos provided by Vernita, Retired&Lovinit