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Retiree Interview: Bev, from PA to FL

Retiree Interview: Bev, from PA to FL

Our Retiree Spotlight series presents one-on-one interviews with babyboomers who have relocated for retirement, how their retirement is going, and the best advice they have for future retirees!

Name: Beverly

Age Range: 60 - 65

Former profession: Teacher

Current profession, activities, hobbies, etc.: Volunteer at Harry Chapin Food Bank and Empty Bowls of Naples; biking; reading; needle point; weight training

Where did you live before retirement? St. David's, PA

Where did you relocate to for retirement? Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, FL


What is the best part of your Saturday? Reading a book; Being active: playing golf, going for a swim, tennis, hiking

What is the best & worst part of retirement? Best...freedom...worst...nothing

What most surprised you about retirement? Wonderful friends made especially through volunteering

Any epic retirement passion projects in mind? Getting fitter

If you could ask the President one question, what would it be?
Please help veterans and jobless...vocational training!!!

My personal mantra is: “No regrets”


*Photos provided by Bev, from her new home in Naples, FL