Maintaining Your Garden: A Guide For The Jetset Retiree

Maintaining Your Garden: A Guide For The Jetset Retiree

By Sally Stein

The over 60s age group has become an increasingly popular market eager to travel. The Economist commented that baby-boomers are now starting to retire in larger numbers, with more money to spend and in better health to enjoy it. However, just because the responsibility of a job or young children is no longer a factor, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still tasks that need to be accounted for. The garden may well be one so, maintaining flexibility is key when creating your garden and in your options for taking care of it when you’re away.

Creating a low maintenance garden
Having a well kept outside space can be wonderfully beneficial as a space to host social events, relax and enjoy a spot of gardening, combining a hobby with some physical exercise. If you regularly travel, having a low maintenance garden may be a priority, meaning it will still be blooming and not too much changed when you return. Low maintenance certainly doesn’t have to mean any less beautiful. Some ideas for a low maintenance garden include using beds of mulch instead of grass. Mulch is a great, low maintenance alternative since it doesn’t require mowing or watering and it breaks down, helping to prevent weeds whilst also fertilizing plants. Considering which plants to grow is another factor. Shrubs are beautiful, low-maintenance and hardy plants. There are a huge variety of shrubs to choose from, producing different flowers and berries so you need not worry about feeling restricted in your aesthetic options.

Ideas for gardening help during vacations
The main concern about the garden that people tend to have when they plan to go away traveling for a period of time is that they will return to a mixture of overgrown mess and dying flowers. However, there are options to prevent that, eliminating fears of plant and wilt loss. For example, having a sprinkler attached to a timer that will water your lawn and plants at the same time each day. Bear in mind that you may want to get a couple of sprinklers and connector hoses if your garden is spread out.

Ask for help
Another idea might be to ask a friend who lives nearby or a neighbor if they would mind doing some light maintenance. If you are a regular traveler and have created your garden accordingly, to be low-maintenance, then it should be an easy job for them to take on. If you have a few local friends who are also gardening and travel enthusiasts, you could even set up a little group to help each other out by trading garden maintenance responsibilities when one of you is out of town.

If you just need your lawn cut and kept looking fresh, consider asking a trusted teenager who lives nearby if they want to earn some extra pocket money. To keep track of how everything is looking back home, you could install CCTV cameras which you can check using an app on your smartphone. This may give you that extra peace of mind, eventually encouraging you to take longer trips away!

One of the greatest joys of retirement is the newfound sense of time and freedom. Filling your days with new hobbies, such as gardening and exploring new places are wonderfully beneficial ways to enjoy your time. There is no need to choose one enjoyment over the other but considering how to create a long-lasting, manageable garden that can be maintained in your absence will guarantee no disappointments and a zen space for you to relax on your return from an adventure.