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How to Choose the Best Place to Retire in 2 Steps

How to Choose the Best Place to Retire in 2 Steps

OK… The time has come - you’ve retired and you’re ready to make the move to a new location. Now what?

1. Narrow your choices by doing online research. Try this Personal Assessment


2. Plan to visit your dream destinations in person before settling on a new locale

It takes time to select an area to move to, and a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Do you want to move completely away from the city, leaving all that it offers? Or do you just want to move somewhere a bit more tranquil, away from freeways and the hustle and bustle of big city life?


My out of town clients who recently retired were lucky enough to find somewhere that offers them the best of both worlds. They live in what appears to be a country town, but really is just on the edge of suburbia, so they have excellent transport, doctors and dentists in easy reach, along with shopping and restaurants etc., yet the beach and countryside is on their doorstep.

If resort style living is more your flavour, expense is something to consider, as property prices are generally higher, as well as cost of living.

The climatic benefits of living in a sub-tropical coastal town, or a desert golf-resort town, generally far outweigh living through the summer season, which can be quite humid, or long, hot and dry.

Note: Property prices in resort towns are generally more expensive and cost of living somewhat higher.


If you are a single person then there are a lot of different scenarios to take into consideration:

  • safety of the environment
  • how easy is the new home to maintain?
  • is there a local maintenance service you can use?
  • age and type of people around you
  • how isolated are you?

Note: transport, airports, medical services and the convenience of other amenities is something that all retirees need to consider when relocating.

My clients consider themselves lucky as they have a good mix of people around them, from children, right through to people older than themselves and this, they think is great, because it keeps them interested in a wide variety of things.

However, this may not be everyone’s choice and there are some wonderful over 55 communities throughout the country. In my clients’ words:

“If you are a couple retiring, an important factor, is to make sure that each of you has your own thing/hobby that you enjoy, so you don't become like some couples you see, who live in one another’s pockets and drive each other crazy!”


Change is never easy, especially as we get older, but if approached in the right way it can be fun, challenging and an adventure. Do it on your own terms. You can by all means listen to friends and family, but don't allow them to dictate where to go.

Note: This is your time - you’ve earned it - Make this move on your own terms!

A lot of people are swayed to move somewhere they didn't really want to go because their children wanted them to. So if you don't yet need caring for, move to a place that excites you, that feels like new beginnings and makes you happy.

Retiring is challenging to do as it is a complete change of lifestyle; however, once they’d made their move, my clients tell me their days are still full of activity, along with making new friends, and they really don’t miss the work lifestyle at all!