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How Technology Can Make Your Retirement Easier

How Technology Can Make Your Retirement Easier

Technology is one of the wonders of today's world and everyone is using it: according to the Pew Research Center, 4 in 10 adults over 65 have a smartphone, more than double than in 2013. It's clear that more and more older people are taking advantage of the benefits of technology, and you can too. In fact, technology can open up new possibilities and make your retirement easier and more independent.

Technology Helps You Communicate

The Internet makes it easy for everyone to enjoy communication with loved ones through a series of easily available tools, such as Skype, E-mail, and Facebook.

All accounts are easy to set up and can be ready in a matter of minutes. Skype allows seniors to video-chat with anyone you like, such as children, grandchildren and friends, whereas e-mail can be an easy way to keep in touch by writing, with the added possibility of sharing documents and photos. Facebook helps you stay up to date with people in your life and also allows you to connect with people in your local area.

Furthermore, thanks to tablets and smartphones, technology has never been more portable. Tablets are much easier to operate than computers, as their interface is more intuitive, and they can be utilized anywhere to do pretty much anything, from connecting to social platforms to surfing the web and playing games.

Technology Helps You Stay Healthy

Your smartphone and tablets are actually endless mines of knowledge; coupled with a simple internet connection, you can increase your health awareness by conducting research on anything you want.

But that's not all: wearable health trackers are a nifty tech-tool that can benefit everyone. Wearing a health tracker can be an inspiration to reach health goals, such as walking 8000 steps per day, increase levels of physical activity, and focus on personal wellbeing. Health trackers are easy to use and not very expensive; they can provide you with a variety of information, such as calories consumed, hours slept, heart rate and more.

You can also take advantage of useful apps which remind you to take medication remind you to take medication and track your medical needs.

Technology is Entertaining

Technology is a lot of fun for seniors, whether you're using it to watch movies and TV online or play video games. Game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii can help you stay fit while you have fun, allowing you to simulate sports such as bowling, boxing or tennis but also take dance or Zumba classes.

Retiring is challenging and implies many lifestyle changes; however, technology can make this change easier and enriching, allowing you to pack your days with activities, stay connected to people and have fun.