Breaking the Technology Addiction in Retirement

Breaking the Technology Addiction in Retirement

It's no secret that technology has become deeply rooted in our everyday lives. From checking your phone for the morning weather, to the endless political rants of your friends and family on Facebook, it seems that wherever we go, technology is there. Although there are obvious benefits to this technology, here are some tips to help in "taking a step back" from technology in retirement.

Set Limits
One of the issues with current technology is the fact that we don't actually realize how much we use it. You might be surprised to see how much of your day is spent staring at a tiny screen. A useful wake up call is to actually track how long you use different forms of technology each day. Free apps such as Moment allow you to automatically track you (and your family's) cell phone usage, which makes the task even easier.

There's Always Time for Downtime
Some places deserve to be technology free, and the dinner table is often one of them. A simple "no phones, no TV" rule at the family dinner table is an easy way to ensure that everyone can carry out quality conversation, instead of being glued to their phones. Organizing other events such as family game nights can be a refreshing change from sitting on the couch, watching TV, and scrolling through Facebook.

Take a Technology Free Weekend
Whether its a camping trip, or a simple staycation, there is no better way to truly disconnect than to have a technology-free weekend. No texts, no emails, and no phone calls for an entire weekend can often lead to less stress. Make sure to let others know that you will be out of touch for a period of time so that they won't be worried.

A Blast From the Past
We've become so dependent upon technology that we've forgotten how to live without it. It is often helpful to reduce the use of technology for a short period of time, which not only helps to hone your skills, but also helps you appreciate the technology that you are fortunate enough to have. Planning a short weekend road trip? Use a map instead of GPS. Catching up with a friend or family member? Take the time to send a handwritten note instead of an email. These simple steps help to keep you grounded in an increasingly technological world.

Overall, technology can be a positive in our lives, but it also does it great job of consuming them. Make an effort to take a step back from time to time, and your life can be enriched because of it.