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7 Part-Time Jobs with Great Perks for Retirees

7 Part-Time Jobs with Great Perks for Retirees

Picking up a part-time job after your retirement is an excellent way to maintain a network, keep a routine, and earn a little cash. Plus, you’re probably not quite as likely to spend your days at the local fishing hole as you think you are.

If you’re considering a part-time job after you leave full-time employment, it’s imperative to consider your lifestyle. When do you want to report for work? Can you handle a lot of time on your feet? Most importantly, does this job work for you?

Here are a few part-time jobs that offer great perks for retirees. (Keep reading until the end for the one that will change the way you travel!)

The Job: Stadiums and arenas around the country have a staff of part-time employees who help guests to their seats, answer questions, and provide basic supervision during sporting and entertainment events. Assuming you are in decent physical shape, the work is pretty light. There’s no bending, lifting, or carrying. You do need to be able to stand for extended periods of time though.

The Perk: Access and proximity. Ushers are permitted to enter stadiums and arenas off-hours and are usually allowed in places that the general public is not. The other benefit is proximity to the entertainment. Baseball fans can attend all of a team’s home games, music enthusiasts can listen to concerts, and people who like theater can attend shows.

Library/Museum Assistant
The Job: Assistants normally handle day-to-day operational work of the institution. They may need to return books, clean exhibits, answer questions or take tickets.

The Perk: Education and access. These institutions are perfect for people who enjoy learning and don’t mind doing so outside of a classroom. Working for a library or museum can also provide special access to exhibits, artists, speakers, and authors. Former teachers would love a job like this.

Golf Starters and Rangers
The Job: Popular golf courses often experience busy periods when players flood the grounds. Starters are responsible for ensuring that scheduled tee times are followed, and for keeping play smooth. Rangers often patrol the course on foot or in golf carts and motivate golfers to maintain an appropriate pace of play.

The Perk: Golfers, you know the perk...

The Job: Airlines service millions of passengers per year, and all of those passengers need reservations. Reservationists take reservations by phone, answer customer questions, and may assist passengers at the airport.

The Perk: Discounted, or even FREE air travel. Most airline positions offer travel privileges as part of their benefits package. In some cases, you can work as few as four hours weekly and still earn dozens of flights per year!

Here are some other options to explore, with their corresponding perks:

Hotel staff
Discounted and/or free nights while traveling or for visiting guests)
Zoo/Amusement park ticket taker (Free tickets for the grandkids)
UPS clerk/Starbucks barista/Whole Foods cashier
(health/dental benefits for part-time employees)

Know any other great part-time perks that would be great for retirees? Share them in the comments below!