5 Ways to Create Lasting Friendships in Retirement

5 Ways to Create Lasting Friendships in Retirement

As we grow older, the thought of relocation and making new friends can seem intimidating. Moving can be an exciting experience, but finding yourself in a new area with few social connections can seem daunting at first, sometimes to the point of avoiding a move altogether. Here are a few simple ways you can create lasting friendships in a new area after relocation:

  1. Connect with People Who Have Similar Interests
    Discussing common hobbies and interests is one of the most effective ways to make new friends. Search for special clubs and group meetings in your neighborhood that will connect you to such people, such as Meetup.com. A kind neighbor may also introduce you to folks with similar interests. Whether you are a fan of golf, fishing, sewing or dancing, start spending more time on activities that make you happy. You've worked hard for the free time, so enjoy it! This will not only improve your quality of life after retirement, but it will also introduce you to new people who share the same passions and interests.

  2. Volunteer
    If you aren't someone who has many hobbies, exploring local volunteer opportunities can be a great start. Volunteering is a free yet rewarding activity that can introduce you to new people who also enjoy giving back to the community. In the long run, volunteering may also translate into paid work, and can help build workplace skills. VolunteerMatch.org is a great starting resource.

  3. Use Social Networking Sites
    Using social networking sites is not only a great way to reconnect with old friends, but is a great way to make new ones too. Make use of chat groups that will help you connect with folks residing in your neighborhood. If things really start to hit off, you can arrange a meeting at a coffee shop nearby. Don’t be afraid to seek companionship, fulfillment and a life full of excitement with the help of cyberspace. Who knows, maybe your platonic friendship can lead to something more meaningful.

  4. Consider Getting a New Job
    Not only will getting a job help you with a bit of disposable income, but it can also introduce you to new experiences and co-workers that may turn to lasting friendships. Going to work every day, having lunch together and heading out for drinks during the weekends are all great ways to socialize. Don’t be afraid of mingling with a younger crowd.

  5. Be Open to Making the First Move
    Relocating to a new place can seem scary, but you need to open yourself up to the new opportunities that are being presented to you. Whether you’re sharing a bench with someone in the park, or standing in a queue at the grocery shop, don’t be afraid to make the first move. This will help you lead a happy and healthy life in your new home.