10 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy After 60

10 Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy After 60

Think that life can’t be fun after 60? Think again! By staying active and working to maintain your health, life after 60 can be just as rewarding as your younger years. Regardless of your interests, there are ways to stay active for everyone! Take a look at a a few recommendations below:

Whether through a personal trainer or gym membership, it's never too late to get into shape! One key to staying happy is to stay healthy. Reward yourself with an occasional session the spa afterwards!

Go for Nature Walks
Not into the gym? Take time to be outside in nature and stretch your legs. Getting outside and being in touch with your environment can improve your mood, your health, and your overall attitude!

Try New Hobbies and Reignite Your Passions
Did you always want to learn archery or crochet? Have a secret passion for oil painting, kayaking, gardening, or writing? Dive into new activities, or bring back your old hobbies that you didn't have time for while working full time. According to Academic Medicine, studies show that hobbies like knitting can keep your brain and fingers moving!

Get Involved in Your Faith
Get in touch with your spiritual side and join your local church, synagogue, or mosque’s choir, Bible study group, welcoming committee, or cleaning crew. If you’re not a particularly spiritual or religious person, find time to connect with yourself through journaling, meditation, or yoga.

It’s not surprising that one of the best ways to stay young is to volunteer! Giving back to your community can help you to feel and stay active, happy, and healthy. Check out VolunteerMatch for volunteering opportunities across the US

Spend Time with Loved Ones
What better way to stay happy than spend our precious time with our loved ones! Visit the kids and grandkids, talk to the neighbors, or even go online and meet new people at a local Meet Up group near you. According to Livestrong.com, socializing also has the benefit of preventing memory loss much later in life. So, if you’re not near family, find new ways to make new friends!

Research Locations for Retirement Now
Prepare for retirement by considering where you want to live after you retire. Sit down with a piece of paper and make a pros and cons list about relocating or staying where you are. You can also speak to one of our Retirement Relocation Concierges, who will help guide you through the relocation process, and help match you with a location that fits your needs.

Get a Pet
Studies show for all ages that having a pet increases happiness. Enough said!

Keep a Budget
Another one of the most important parts of being happy after 60 is financial security. Make sure that you plan for your later years financially, make a budget and follow one if you don’t already have it. Working with a financial professional is an added bonus!

Find a Part-Time Job
Stay active by working a part-time job doing something you have an interest in. Maybe you always wanted to work with a landscaping business or at a café, but never could due to time constraints. Now is your chance!

Have other ideas to stay happy and healthy after 60? Let us know in the comments section below!