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Retiring in Utah Overview - One of the Best States to Retire

“Utah” is an Apache Indian word, meaning “people of the mountains”. The amazing scenery across the state gives this word fair justification, making it a dream for any outdoorsman looking to retire in Utah. The northern part of the state features top ski resorts such as Park City, home to the 2002 Winter Olympics, while the south is more desert based with unique rock formations that serve as the foundation for renowned national parks as Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Arches. Healthy lifestyles and low crime are consistent themes throughout Utah, as is the Mormon culture that represents 60% of the state’s population. While some of the top resorts feature very high cost of living, most places in the state are very affordable. Check out some of the best places to retire in Utah below to see even more about what the state has to offer.

Best Retirement State Facts


Median Age:


Percent of people 65+:


Median Household Income:

$ 59,846

Unemployment Rate:






Salt Lake City

Largest City:

Salt Lake City

Largest City:

West Valley City

Fun Facts

Nick Name:

Beehive State

State Mammal:


State Food:


State Song:

"Utah, This is the Place"

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