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Retiring in Oregon Overview - One of the Best States to Retire

Fortunately, individuals today don't have to take the Oregon Trail to retire in Oregon; one of America's most beautiful states. With over 350 miles of pristine coastline, nature lovers will find an abundance of hiking, kayaking, fishing, and other outdoor activities in areas all over the state. Wine lovers will find themselves right at home with over 19,000 acres of vineyards and over 500 wineries in "Oregon Wine Country", better known as the Wilamette Valley. Oregon's cities are also known for their vibrant culture and farm to table influenced food scene. Unfortunately, the state is not very tax friendly, and the cost of living is higher than the national average. Check out some of the best places to retire in Oregon below!

Best Retirement State Facts


Median Age:


Percent of people 65+:


Median Household Income:

$ 50,521

Unemployment Rate:







Largest City:

Portland City

Largest City:

Eugene City

Fun Facts

Nick Name:

Beaver State

State Mammal:

American Beaver

State Food:


State Song:

"Oregon, My Oregon"