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** The AARP Livability Index scores neighborhoods and communities across the U.S. for the services and amenities that impact your life the most.
Total Population
Median Househould Income
Median Age
65 Years and Over
Median Home Value
** 2014 US census data
1. Hartzler's Family Dairy

My favorite ice cream since college. Ice cream often bothers my stomach and their's never does. The butter pecan is amazing made with salted pecans it is...

2. The Granary at Pine Tree Barn

A Very Pleasant Outing ! We had lunch there - I had the Chicken Salad Fruit Plate with a Lemon Crumb Muffin. ( one of their specialties/trademarks.) My...

3. The City Square Steakhouse

Enjoyed the food here. A little pricey but still worth to try. It is one of the best steakhouse in this area.

4. Spoon Market & Deli

The new Spoon location is beautiful with lots of room to find the perfect spot whether it's to hang out and work, chat with a friend or have a meeting (I've...

5. Local Roots Market and Cafe

Great market for local and healthy food. We had lunch from the cafe and were very pleased. The cauliflower lentil soup was outstanding and I enjoyed...

1. The Pines Golf Club

Don't go here, they mow 5 feet away from you while you play, the fairways have huge brown dead patches and the sand pits are more like mud holes. The course...

2. College of Wooster Golfhouse

This is not so nice of a golf course. I keep going back because my parents live close to here and every so often the old man and I can sneak out and get a...

3. Riceland Golf Course

Really nice course. My girlfriend and I just started golfing and we started out on this course the club house has a friendly helpful staff and they answered...

1. Aerohio

Doing a tandem skydive has been something I've wanted to do for a long time, and when a friend suggested we just go for it and do it here, I had no idea...

2. Secrest Arboretum

Beautiful, scenic and free arboretum in Wooster, Ohio. Fantastic assortment of flora and fauna expertly displayed and maintained. Great place for picture...

3. Ramseyer Farms

This place is AWESOME! If you have kids and are looking for something to do in the fall, this is the place for you. Located about 50 miles south of...

4. Acres of Fun-Wooster Skateland

I took my dad here to play laser tag on Fathers Day. We had a great time. Prices were on target.

5. Curves

My mother-in-law loves it, also because it's part of a national group, and they can go into any one of them for the same price.

1. Troutman Vineyards

Very nice winery. The inside is nicely decorated, with a few different sitting areas. We visited in the winter, but would love to see this place in the...

2. Ohio Light Opera

I grew up, in a lot of ways, with the OLO. My family started taking me to Gilbert & Sullivan performances every summer from a young age, and now I still try...

3. Gallery In the Vault

Surprised there hasn't been a review since 2008. Almost thought they were closed. Thankfully they're not. Is the entire gallery in a vault? No. Does the...

4. Gerber's Retail Store

Stopped in for lunch and was greatly impressed. First off jojos are potato wedges and they are awesome. Fried chicken was spot on and fresh. All together...

5. Cinemark Movies 10

Came here about a month ago with my family to see sisters. The customer service was great and makes me want to come back. The theater could use a bit of...

1. Lehman's

This is the Home Depot of products for the simple life. They have everything from jigsaw puzzles to gas powered refrigerators. Whole sections of the store...

2. Books In Stock Used & Rare

What a great store! Totally reminds me of The Book Loft in Columbus, just scaled down. After a fun meal at a local eatery, my wife and I meander our way...

3. Quailcrest Farm

Wonderful family run business. Great selection of herbs. Will not want to miss selection of basil, lavender, and mint.

4. Walnut Street Antiques

It's hard to describe this immense collection. I think it's fair to say they have a little bit of everything here. If you can't find what you're looking for...

5. City News

I bought a baby rabbit I named Jack there when I was a kid! HI CAROL!!!!

1. Biggio A J DDS

dr. biggio was my dentist for as long as i lived in wooster, and it was nearly ten years later before i found a dentist i liked anywhere near as much. i...

2. Wilson Susan E Dr DDS

Let me start by saying I do NOT like going to the dentist. I wish I did. Dr. Wilson and her staff are wonderful. They are always on time and friendly. Makes...

3. Wooster Community Hospital

i was born at wooster community hospital so you know it's awesome just by association. sadly, i don't remember many details from that day that i could...

4. TrueCare Physical Therapy

Can't say enough good things about TrueCare. I went in with chronic low back pain that i've had for over a year that noone else around could help with....

5. Fast Debra A DO

Dr. Fast and the rest of the physicians in this group are some of the best -- bright, effective, efficient, caring -- phsicians in the county. (Their...

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