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Meet Linda

Want to know what it's like to retire in Raleigh?

I retired on 6/30/2014 after working for the Greater Raleigh CVB for 27 years. I also worked for several years prior at the Charlotte Convention & Visitors Bureau and also had hotel experience in Charlotte. I am originally from Detroit, MI and began my trek South as a result of my husband’s work. In 1987 his job was changed and we moved to Raleigh. When we first moved to Raleigh it was not anything like it is now. The downtown was a massive mall that literally closed up after 5:00 p.m. Once the mall was removed and a street added, the city began to come to life in the evening.

So Linda, what about Raleigh initially appealed to you?

The new Convention Center, as well as a new hotel were built, urban living came to downtown, restaurants started to open, and life changed and began to liven things up. People started to discover the heart of the city again as a place to go to.

What is an aspect of the area that you, or other retirees may dislike?

I don’t believe there is one aspect of this area that a retiree would not like. There is an abundance of things to do, places to visit, groups to join for trips, and other activities. Raleigh Parks and Recreation, along with the other municipalities that make up Wake County, have a great seniors program through their senior centers for anyone looking to be with a group, or participate in group activities. We also have several well- known 55+ active adult housing communities in the area. The cost of living in the area is not expensive compared to some places I have been, and there are also ample healthcare options in the area.

What is an aspect of your daily life in the area that you weren't expecting before you moved?

From my view as recently being retired and living here, I love the extra time we now have to explore a little more, perhaps more than we did before since we now have the privilege of extra time. We even made a list of restaurants which we are visiting now and then, since we did not really have the time earlier when we were working full time.

If you ever left Raleigh, what would you miss the most?

Oh my-if I ever left Raleigh. I’ve had this discussion with my husband from time to time on what or where would we go if we decided to leave, and each time we come back to the idea of staying since it has everything we need or want in a community. As you age, your priorities shift, and for now we have said we don’t want to leave because to put it simply, Raleigh has everything on our list! We like to go out to attend a theatre performance or a concert, try a new restaurant now and then, and enjoy shopping of every type due to the several large malls in the area that have name brand stores.

What advice would you have for people moving to this community?

My advice…it is a great place to live and play if you are retired.

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