Retire in Ann Arbor

Why can’t I just find a Realtor on my own?

When you’re considering a move into a new area, finding a real estate professional can be a daunting task. A Google or Yelp search simply doesn’t cut it, unless you’re comfortable leaving a crucial part of your relocation up to chance.

So why an eRetirements referred Realtor?

For starters, only the top 5% of agents are invited to join our network. The majority of our network of 12,000+ Realtors have more than 8 years experience, over $5mm in sales, and have completed at least 20 transactions in the past 12 months. More importantly, since we provide a good amount of referrals to these Realtors, they need to bend over backwards to make you happy! If we’re unimpressed with the service of a Realtor, we no longer refer our users to them. Because of that, our users often experience far better service from our Realtors than if they were to try their search alone.