Retire in Gaithersburg

Meet Linh

Want to know what it's like to retire in Gaithersburg?

As did many Vietnamese refugees, my family and I came to the United States in 1982. Originally, we lived in Washington D.C. where I studied at George Washington University. After graduating from college, I got my first full time job as a government employee. My family and I later moved to Gaithersburg, MD in 2000.

So Linh, what about Gaithersburg initially appealed to you?

Real estate in Gaithersburg is very affordable compared to other areas nearby. Our neighborhood was peaceful and quiet, with quick access to the highway and other attractions.

What is an aspect of the area that you, or other retirees may dislike?

Although there are many great restaurants a close drive away, there are few within walking distance of my neighborhood.

What is an aspect of your daily life in the area that you weren't expecting before you moved?

If you ever left Gaithersburg, what would you miss the most?

There is a great sense of community here and I would definitely miss our wonderful neighbors.

What advice would you have for people moving to this community?

Make sure to have a car and explore the different neighborhoods for the right fit.

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