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What are common retiree activities in Bloomington?

Aug 18th, 2016
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There a ton of things to do on campus all year long. They have a lot of really great museums, as well as music, theater, and dance productions and concerts. We also have a number of local theater companies that put on well-known and new plays and musicals. There are some big named performers that will come to town as well to perform at the Buskirk Theater, IU Auditorium, as well as smaller venues throughout the downtown area. There are lots of art galleries and they have special openings the first Friday of every month. Downtown has lots of great restaurants as well as local shops. Bloomington is also home to the Tibetan Cultural Center, a must visit no matter your belief or religion. It was founded by the Dalai Llama’s brother! We’ve also got a great craft brewery and winery scene here, I recommend Oliver Winery, Butler Winery, Upland Brewing Co, Bloomington Brewing Co, Function Brewing Co, and our first distillery Cardinal Spirits. There are also so many outdoor activities to do in town since we’re surrounded by many state parks, forests, and lakes. Monroe Lake is the largest in the state and has great hiking and boating. We also have a great city and county park system with lots of trees and activities happening in the local parks. We have a trail that runs through the downtown area called the B-Line trail that is popular to walk, run, and bike on. We are a very bike friendly community as well with many bike shops, trails, and bike lanes throughout town.

Columbus, IN and Nashville, IN are each short drives from town and great for day and weekend trips for a quick getaway, plus we’re only an hour south of Indianapolis.

Here’s a list of some great annual events we have-

Here’s a list & more information about all the things to do in town-

Aug 18th, 2016