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Retiring in Illinois Overview - One of the Best States to Retire

With the third biggest city in the US (Chicago) in the Northeast, and St. Louis just across the border in the Southwest, those looking to retire near two staple cities of the Midwest should look no further. Access to Lake Michigan, and close proximity to lakes in Michigan and Wisconsin makes Illinois an ideal place to retire for those looking to be near the water. As the heartlands between Chicago and St. Louis show, the state is very flat, and as such is not ideal for those seeking easy access to hiking or skiing. While the suburbs of Chicago are known for being expensive, they also feature access to some of Chicago’s world class hospitals. The state is rated by Kiplinger as “Mixed” for tax friendliness right now; however, the looming pension issues the state faces will almost surely mean higher taxes in the near future. Check out some of the best places to retire in Illinois below to see even more about what the state has to offer.

Best Retirement State Facts


Median Age:


Percent of people 65+:


Median Household Income:

$ 57,166

Unemployment Rate:







Largest City:


Largest City:


Fun Facts

Nick Name:

The Prairie State

State Mammal:

White -tailed deer

State Food:

Pumpkin Pie

State Song: