Retire in Athens

We asked Sudy to walk us through a typical day to help exemplify a bit of Athens life. Keep in mind, this day is unique to Sudy, just as yours will be unique to you!


The day can start as early as anyone wants. Great places to walk, even the track at the football practice field. Then the hills have to do wonders as far as stamina. That walk precedes a visit to Earth Fare for their scone and coffee at an early bird price. Neat places all around town to pick up breakfast on the run or to eat in. Access to fitness classes at UGA’s Ramsey Center; great Y’s; private studios for yoga, barr, Pilates. More classes at Athens Senior Center. Private instructors available. OLLI study class, volunteer work at the Georgia Museum of Art or any favorite charity. Plenty to fill a morning. A dare-devil still- classes in aerial performance, Pilates, biking groups, hiking, rappelling. Closeness to the mountains opens all types of vistas to explore.


An afternoon matinee; informative classes at the Clark County Library: genealogy, computer classes, and a Georgia History group- ever informative, ever varied, plus book club groups. Lyndon Art Center and Foundation- a wealth of artistic experiences. Olli- Incredible draw for retirees. One of only three in Georgia, sponsored by the School of Education at UGA and Oscher Life Long Learning program. Two catalogues a year, brimming with classes to take and groups to participate in a sundry of opportunities. Through OLLI I have participated in clinical studies at UGA, learned about the grass-grown beef available for purchase on Fridays, discovered the UGA Dairy Bar, traveled to Cuba and gained greater appreciation of the state, town and university.


• Award winning restaurants • Classic Center offerings • Everything UGA- Hodgson Music Hall, Georgia Museum of Art • Individual Olli groups for fellowship • Wednesday night dinners at various churches • Trivia, Poetry groups, music- bands of all types playing all over town • Moon walk at the incredible Botanical Gardens • Various theatre groups, including the excellent ones at the University