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Retiring in Florida Overview - One of the Best States to Retire

When the topic of retirement relocation comes up, many instinctively think of the state of Florida, and for good reason. The state's yearlong warm weather and extremely favorable tax rates have long been a draw for retirees looking for a change of pace. Florida has 1,350 miles of coastline, by far the longest in the continental United States. The fact that the state borders both the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico provides for two very different beach types, depending on what part of Florida you reside in. Recreational options are vast, with many activities geared toward the baby boomer demographic. Florida was also the first part of the continental US to be visited by Europeans, so there is a surprising amount of culture to by found in many Floridian cities. Retirees planning to relocate to Florida will find themselves in good company, as the state not only has the highest percentage of people over 65 (17%) of any state, but almost two thirds of it's residents were born in another state. In summary, Florida is no longer the place where the elderly simply play Bingo to pass the time away; it has transformed itself into a cultural, senior friendly, amenity rich state which has a ton of great retirement options for residents of all ages. Check out some of the best places to retire in Florida below to find out more!

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Median Age:


Percent of people 65+:


Median Household Income:

$ 46,956

Unemployment Rate:







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Fun Facts

Nick Name:

Sunshine State

State Mammal:

Florida Panther

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State Song:

"The Swanee River"