Meet Bryan

Want to know what it's like to retire in Lewes?

For 35 years, I worked in the healthcare field, mostly in the Medical Devices industry. I lived in Minneapolis while raising my children, but have since moved to Lewes to be closer to my children in New York and Washington DC. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, kayaking, biking, and sporting events. I love being by the water and going for long walks along the shoreline.

So Bryan, what about Lewes initially appealed to you?

Lewes was perfectly located to visit my two sons in New York (3.5 hours) and Washington DC (1.5 hours). With its low priced real estate, we were able to buy a two story condo not too far from the beach and local state park, Cape Henlopen. Also, the food scene in Lewes is fantastic with local restaurants like "Agave" and "Touch of Italy" in town and the headquarters for Dogfish Brewery in the nearby town of Milton.

What is an aspect of the area that you, or other retirees may dislike?

Since we are close to a number of family beach towns, the traffic picks up during the summer (especially on Sundays which is when most rentals switch over). Meanwhile, in the winter, some shops and restaurants do close up for January and February.

What is an aspect of your daily life in the area that you weren't expecting before you moved?

Lewes has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. During the summer, the summer concert series at Fenwick Island is fantastic, and the theater runs throughout the year.

If you ever left Lewes, what would you miss the most?

Ease of access to the water and the ability to go on a morning jog on the beach with my dog.

What advice would you have for people moving to this community?

Consider how close to the beach you want to be. It is possible to find a great property at low price if you are comfortable with walking a few more blocks to the beach.

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