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Want to know what it's like to retire in Colorado Springs?

I am almost 80 years of age, grew up in northwestern part of PA, and graduated from Penn State University with a degree in economics and retailing. I have worked as a marketing assistant, sold fire and auto insurance for Liberty Mutual, and worked for American Management Association helping facilitate business meetings in Washington DC. My husband, John, is 84, grew up in northern Idaho and graduated from the Univ. of Idaho with a business degree. He was in the USAF for 2 years and served overseas. His career has been in the wholesale grocery business and he retired as a VP of a national association of wholesale grocers association running their educational meetings.

So Julie, what about Colorado Springs initially appealed to you?

We left Washington, DC to get away from humidity, traffic and big city life. We had three granddaughters living in the Denver/Colorado Springs area that we wanted to get to know and have them know us. We also have 3 of 5 adult children in the area. My husband is from Idaho and loves the West and wanted to return to it. The weather is perfect as far as we are concerned. Living inside a house in AC in the summer is not my idea of living. We also used to ski, and what better place than in Colorado.

What is an aspect of the area that you, or other retirees may dislike?

There is nothing about this area that I would change, it is growing very fast but we are handling that.

What is an aspect of your daily life in the area that you weren't expecting before you moved?

While we enjoyed the game of golf, we didn't expect to find many courses in the area. However, the high altitude and low humidity again made for perfect golf weather, with a good amount of courses to choose from.

If you ever left Colorado Springs, what would you miss the most?

The climate is exceptional in my view. We are not planning on moving!

What advice would you have for people moving to this community?

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