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Retiring in Colorado Overview - One of the Best States to Retire

For retirees who are fans of the great outdoors, it doesn't get much better than Colorado. The state's geography ranges from alpine mountains and lush forests, to arid plains and deserts with massive sand dunes. Colorado's access to the Rocky Mountains doesn't only mean that residents have access to world class skiing and hiking, but the views from a large portion of the state are tough to beat. Surprisingly, these perks are accompanied by tax friendliness, as well as a cost of living which is lower than the national average. While some nature-based locations sometimes sacrifice culture or a food scene, Colorado lacks neither. In fact, some of Colorado's cities are actually foodie destinations. Check out some of the best places to retire in Colorado below to discover more!

Best Retirement State Facts


Median Age:


Percent of people 65+:


Median Household Income:

$ 58,433

Unemployment Rate:







Largest City:


Largest City:

Colorado Springs

Fun Facts

Nick Name:

Centennial State

State Mammal:

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

State Food:

Cinnamon roll

State Song:

"Rocky Mountain High"