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I see that the city receives almost 7 inches of rain in January! Is it constantly raining daily all winter long or is it condensed into days of extremely heavy rain along with days of no rain? Is flooding a huge issue? How much rain is in the other winter months? Thanks for any enlightenment on this extreme amount of rain.

Mar 31st, 2017
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Thanks for the question Jim! I believe the rain during the winter rainy season comes in pockets in the form of storms. Because of this, it is not entire uncommon to see flooding, and an occasional mudslide. According to, San Rafael receives 7.6 inches of rain in December, and 7.09 in February. It rarely rains during summer months though!

Mar 31st, 2017

California has a "rainy season" and a "dry season". From roughly November to March, there is a lot more rain. It's not daily, but tends to be in groups of 2 or 3 days at a time. The other days can be overcast, or moderately sunny. There can be flooding, and there was last year, after a long drought, as the ground was very dry.

On the other hand, it's warm by February, and that's pretty nice.

Jul 6th, 2017