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Meet Jackie

Want to know what it's like to retire in Scottsdale?

I am a school librarian from Rochester NY, and moved to Scottsdale in 1993. After the move, I taught English as a Second Language to adults for 8 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of what the city has to offer, and love the opportunity to share my experience with others!

So Jackie, what about Scottsdale initially appealed to you?

I'm a docent at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and really enjoy meeting people from all over the world, and showing them everything that Scottsdale has to offer. One of my favorite aspects of retiring in Scottsdale is the fact that there is so much to do in every season.  That's what appealed to me about the region, and I still take advantage of all of the activities today.

What is an aspect of the area that you, or other retirees may dislike?

There really aren't many things I dislike, although the traffic during Cactus Season can be annoying.

What is an aspect of your daily life in the area that you weren't expecting before you moved?

Visitors love being able to dine on a patio all winter long. Another note about dining: dress is casual almost everywhere and dogs are welcome on most patios.

If you ever left Scottsdale, what would you miss the most?

I can't imagine leaving Scottsdale, but if I did, I would miss Scottsdale Civic Center with the wonderful public library, the flowers, the public art, and greeting all the happy visitors.

What advice would you have for people moving to this community?

If you're interested in living in Scottsdale year-round,  I advise visiting in July as well as the fall and winter.  I would also advise renting and getting to know the different areas before buying.  You want to know traffic situations, shopping convenience, and any other important factors.

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