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Not sure about the best places to retire? eRetirements was created to help answer the difficult question that thousands ask themselves daily:

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Your Retirement

After decades of hard work, the once distant goal of retirement is now approaching us on the horizon. For most of us, it is the single greatest opportunity to relocate to an area that will present us with a chance to reinvent ourselves in an adventurous way.

However, after forming close bonds with our jobs, friends, and community, uprooting our lives and discovering a new location can be a daunting task. It is because of this that we all spend a great deal of time trying to answer a seemingly simple question: Where should I retire?


8 Golden Rules of Post 50's Personal Finance

Are you eagerly waiting for the day you no longer have to work? Don’t just dream of a worry-free retirement; plan to make it possible. If you worried that your retirement plan will be derailed by frequent economic fluctuations and unplanned expenses, here are 8 practical tips to get you financially prepared for retirement:

1. Assess Your Readiness For Retirement

Everyone knows the importance of saving for retirement, but several other factors can keep you from contributing to your retirement funds. While it is never too early to start saving for a financially secure future, those who fall...

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“I couldn’t imagine how difficult this process would have been without eRetirements. The site was a one stop shop for me, from identifying my perfect retirement location to visiting and then buying a home in Wilmington, North Carolina. I couldn’t be happier with the choice!”

-Marc, retired in Wilmington, NC.

“We were so tired of reading all of these “Top 10 places to retire” lists and not finding anything we liked. eRetirements found the best place to retire for us based on what we wanted, and we absolutely love it."

-Jill, retired in Bellingham, WA.